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[18 May 2017|12:58am]
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oo1. february 5th [02 Feb 2017|06:09pm]
I could hear that crowd the other day from my flat. I'm glad no one was injured, it sounded quite raucous. I'm surprised anyone would protest against employing goblins at the bank. I wonder whether they were against it for the goblins sake or for ours? Very odd!

Today there was someone taking photographs in Diagon while I was out shopping earlier. I do hope I didn't get in the way of their shots. I suppose that's what I get for not brushing my hair before going to pick up a few items at the grocery shop.

Hope you all have a pleasant evening!

february bingo. [31 Jan 2017|09:55pm]
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ooc contact post/timeline. [01 Jan 2017|06:08pm]

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[31 Dec 2016|12:34am]
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